Friday, August 12, 2011

A Miracle Story...

One of the things I love the most is when you can see a life that has been completely changed by God.  Over the past two years, this is something that I have watched happen countless times in the lives of the people at Element Church.  How awesome it is that God gives us the opportunity to be used in HIS work!  It is not something that we can ever take credit for, but the credit all goes back to Him.  It is cool, however, when God gives us a part in the grand performance that he plays out in the lives of others.

About a year ago, Patty came to Element Church one Sunday morning.  She had reluctantly poked her head in the door, hoping to see what it was like, but was caught peeking by one of our greeting team, Fran.  Fran happened to know Patty from when they had worked together at a local restaurant, and welcomed Patty into the building.  Patty hesitantly stayed, and that morning she encountered the love and forgiveness of God.  Many others that morning reached out to make Patty feel welcome, and after the service, Patty shared with me her struggle and addiction to heroin.  

We talked about some options to help her break free from the addiction, and Patty said she would think about entering the Women's Home at Pittsburgh City Outreach.  I called that day to see if there might be availability for Patty.  Pastor Brian Bolt at PCO was able to find a bed for her, and God used PCO and all of the great people  at the Women's home to transform her life into a miracle.

Check out this video detailing Patty's transformation:

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