Monday, September 26, 2011

You're Gifted!

Yesterday at Element Church we talked a lot about friendship, about choosing the right friends, as well as being a great friend to others.  We also said that one of the characteristics of a great friend is that they recognize the spiritual gifts that you have, and that they validate those gifts.

In an effort to help many of you at Element Church who are interested in being used by God, but are yet unaware of how God has gifted you, I promised to post a link to a resource that will help you in your discovery process.

Here's the link:  SPIRITUAL GIFTS TEST

After you take the test, I would like to encourage you to share them with us, so we can help you to discover a place that you could be involved at Element Church or wherever God wants to use you.  You can print off the test results and share them with us when you come to church, or you can save them as a .pdf file and email them to us.  Either way, we would LOVE to help you find a place of serving others and we would love to encourage you to grow in the areas God has gifted you!

After you take the test, email the results to or show a copy of them to Mike Yusko on Sunday.

Looking forward to learning about how YOU are GIFTED!!!

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Mike Yusko said...

Use the "share" link at the top of your results and choose "Email" as the method and send it to If you use the link at the bottom of your results, it only sends me an invitation to take the test. Thanks!