Friday, October 28, 2011

This Sunday & A Promised Link!

The past several weeks at Element Church, we have been immersed in the "Storytellers" Series, and we have been hearing stories that have been incredibly inspiring.  The stories have told of the "highs & lows" of life, and as each person has shared, it has been clear that what has brought them through each situation has been their relationship with a God who loves them.

As each person has shared, we have highlighted a different discipline that strong Christ-followers need to have invested in their life.  The themes, and some of the teaching and inspiration has come from a book called, "Celebration of Discipline" by Richard J. Foster.  

If you are interested in diving in deeper into this study, let me encourage you to order this book.  Some of the best prices on the book that I have found have been at  

Here is a link:

This Sunday at Element Church, we will be continuing this series by hearing some brief stories of our baptism candidates.  Baptism Sunday is one of the absolute BEST Sundays of the year, and I will not want to miss it!  Right now, we have 4 people signed-up for baptism, but if you are interested in joining them and want the world to know what a change God has made in you, it is not too late!  Send me a quick email at and I will get you all of the info you need.

Looking forward to a GREAT SUNDAY with you all!

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